Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, Junes 3rd, 2010


Well.... The morning started off really early, like 4:30 early! I just can't sleep. I needed to get the Edmond property done, so I hooked up the trailer and went to work. I was kicking tail and taking names when a rogue thunderstorm came up. I got soaked, but got almost 1/2 the property done before eight o'clock! I went in and took a shower then got busy with my real job. At lunch I went out and finished the mowing part of the property, which only left 3 areas to finish after work. I went back in and took another shower, then after work, I finished the property in about an hour and a half. I headed over to moms to finish working on Mike's Rover. I had her go pick up a pump to put the transmission fluid back in, and while I was pumping the fluid in..... Ben and his little brother Dakota snuck up on me and attacked me with dart guns. I got the fluid in and took it for a spin. Shifted great, ran great, what else could I have ask for? Came home and showered (Again) then headed over to mom's to get the Rover.... I am going to relax for 30 minutes, then going to bed! Picture is a self portrait of my cousinWesley Sanders.

Love you all!


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