Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday, june 25th, 2010


Jumped up at 5:10 got my shower, and then watched the news. Guess what???? A bunch of violence, and depressing crap.... As for the weather??? Hot and crappy, with continued hot and crappy! Ran by Starbucks and then through the park. Nothing was stirring but a bunch of squirrels. On to work. I did my weekend prep yesterday, so it was just keeping up with new stuff. Went to Louie's at lunch, and then back to work. The afternoon was quite busy!!!!! After work I came home and Sherrie was watching a friends daughter for a little while, then we dropped her off, and went to a new Mexican restaurant to share a bite to eat. We came home, and are going to take it easy. I have had a significant headache fir several days, and my feet and legs are killing me. I am suppose to do Midwest City's lawn in the morning. Sherrie's brother Brent is going to help! I am soooooo happy to have some help. Maybe we can knock it out in 3 or 4 hours, and then I can get moms done, and mine done. That would free up Sunday, to spend with the family! (I might even take a nap! ;-) ) The picture is Lindsey Dirk. I shot her wedding about a year ago. I thought putting her in the middle of the street would be a cool idea. What do you think?

Love you all!


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