Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 21st, 2010


Well not bad for a Monday! Over slept by 25 minutes! That never happens! Jumped up and got my shower, then a cup of coffee. Mom's car is in the shop, so I had to pick her up and take her to work before my Starbucks run. Mondays are kinda busy due to the weekend clean up. I have been having some problems at the bank. Because my accounts are writing checks to Quest Landscape, the bank would not deposit them in my account, until I got a Trade Name Report from the Secretary of State. It came in Saturday, so I had to go to the bank and open a business account. One of our drug reps from J&J brought us Louie's for lunch. The afternoon was OK, we had things to get done. After work I ran by the auto parts store, and ask some questions about Jordan's truck. I thought her starter relay was bad, but as it turns out, it is her starter. I know that because when you hit it with a hammer it works! We loaded up and went to moms to do her lawn, and breakdown a few more old fence panels. Home for a shower, and a bite to eat, then over to Kayla Gibson's house to try and fix her computer. I got everything working except her wireless Internet. Time for some sleep! The picture is Jordan at Mt Hope Church, in Wayne County, Tennessee.

Love you all!


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