Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, June 26th, 2010


WOW!!!! Crazy busy day! Started out at 5:15am. Got up and had a small coffee, then headed out to get the lawn equipment together. On to the gas station to gas everything up! I had made arrangements with Sherrie's brother Brent to help me with the property in Midwest City. What a blessing! Brent is a hard worker, and even though he had never been on that property before, he took off and did a great job! The big mower broke down on me with about 15 minutes of mowing left, so we had to push mow "The Hill!" When I took Brent home, I thought it would be a good idea to help him do his lawn, since he was so gracious to help me. We knocked it out and got it cleaned up real good. I left Brent with only having to mow the back yard. I headed to mom's to do her lawn, and then home to do ours! It was exhausting, but I survived! Jordan's friend Ryan spent the night with us. He lives in Lexington, and after an hour nap, we took him home. It is a good hour south of here, and when we got to his house we went inside to visit with his mom. Ryan is a good kid, and we enjoy his company! We took the back roads back to Norman, and stopped at the Mont for dinner. I had the Catfish.... Very tasty! We went by mom's to see Trey! I have not seen him in two days! He got way too much sun today. I guess they spent all day in the pool. An old buddy of mine, Larry (Moe, L.T.) Tettleton was there visiting mom. It was sooooo good to see him. We told stories for an hour. He is one inspirational man. Larry had polio as a child and has a significant disability in his right arm. Larry never let that stop him. He is a school teacher, football coach, father, husband, and all around great guy. Sherrie and I came home to rest my weary little feet, and legs. My back, and head are pounding as well. I will survive. Tomorrow, has the potential to be busy as well. Gonna work at church, and then Sherrie and I are gonna swim at mom's and have a little pik-nik. Ben and Kinsey may be ready to move a few things, so we will probably help them for a while. Don't know! I do know I don't have to mow anything for several days! YEAH!!!!!!!!! The picture is one of my dad! He has been gone for 13 years now, and not a day goes by I don't think about him. Dad gave me my love of sports. I remember Saturdays when we were home, he would have a football game on the TV, and one on the radio. Dad was gone before Trey was born, but I think they would have been great buddys! Dad also gave me ny love for the outdoors. We would either hunt or fish almost every weekend!

Love you all!


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