Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Additional note!

On my way home from Midwest City.... I was getting on I-35 from 23rd Street.... The right tire on the lawn trailer, went "BOOM!" I jerked the trailer over in the grass, and drove through the grass back to the service station on 23rd. I called Sherrie and she was suppose to come help, me but she called Mike Giroux and he came to help. His spare would not fit, so we threw the rim in his truck and went driving through the hood to find a used tire shop. We found one, and the guy told me he had a tire that would fit for $30.00. It only took him five minutes to put it on the rim, then Mike helped me put it back on the trailer. With paying help, putting a tire on the trailer, blowing up a mower, having my hedge trimmer quit.... Mowing Midwest City only cost me a couple hundred dollars!



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