Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday, June 12th, 2010


Woke up waaayyyyy too early. Like 4:22am! I cold not go back to sleep so I went out to the couch.... I laid around with thoughts running through my head until 6:37. I jumped up and took a really hot shower, then hooked up the lawn trailer, and headed to the auto parts store. I picked up some needed items, and headed over to work at mom's for a while. I cleaned up her lawn real good, the put her swimming pool up. I came home about one, and did my lawn, then Sherrie and I ran to the market and picked up some groceries. We were starving so we picked up a pizza, and relaxed for a couple of hours before Chad and Shannon Lovett came over. They are great people, and wonderful friends. When they left I had a renewed spirit, hope, and a positive outlook. I felt so good that Sherrie, Trey, and I went for an Ice Cream! I am ready for a long slumber. Tomorrow is up in the air. I would like to spend the day with the family at the zoo, or park but the weather is questionable.

Love you all!


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