Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4th, 2010


TGIF! Started off with a stop at Starbucks. I drove Mike's Rover this morning.... Need to get some road time in it, to see if it is fixed. There are a couple of issues. One.... The transmission pan is leaking. I figured this would happen due to a couple of broken keepers. I have them on order from Land Rover USA. The tail lights are not working? I think it is as simple as a broken wire? There is a slight vibration? I am going to check the drive shaft and make sure it is good and tight. My poison ivy is back with a vengeance! Work was fairly slow for a Friday! There is always something to do, but don't always stay as motivated as I need to. I was physically drained. Came home after work, and laid down for a couple of hours. Then jumped up and took Sherrie to dinner. We went to Deep Fork Grill. I had a crab cake, and she had fish. On the way home we stopped and rented a movie. I told her if I got still, I would pass out in a minute, and that was accurate. Mike and his girlfriend Jamie, flew to Virginia to pick up a Four Runner that belonged to Jamie's mom. They were driving it back here to Oklahoma, and 50 miles outside of Knoxville, Tennessee the transmission blew up. I think Tennessee is jinxed! I am speaking at Weight Wise this morning, and then working the rest of the day in Midwest City. It is going to be 100 degree's today. I am going to hydrate well! Time to get it started. My friend Johanna went on an African safari.... I edited 300 pictures for her. This image shows the raw power of this lioness!

All my love!


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