Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friday and Saturday, July 31st, and Aug 1st!


Busy day.... Work was good, we are a little slow at work, so we actually got off an hour early. I came home and loaded my weed eater, and blower and headed to my buddy Jason's house. He has been in Chicago for a week and a half, and we have had soooo much rain, that I knew his lawn would be out of control. I got over there and did he edging and weed eating, then I was going to use his mower.... Guess what? Couldn't get it out of his garage. I guess he threw the breaker to the garage door, and I couldn't find it. Sooooo I headed over to mom's and knocked her lawn out. Then Came home and did mine. Got a quick shower, and took Sherrie to Budda Tao, for dinner. I love the Shittake roll.... Mushrooms, red bell peppers, and cream cheese. Then we came home and relaxed. Saturday morning, got up at six to take Jordan to work, then started in Treys room. We painted, and it took most of the morning. At about noon, we cleaned up, and has several pictures to deliver. We went by Miriam's house and dropped off a picture I took, in Arkansas. Then we headed down to Chelino's to give Rosa her pictures from last weekend. After that we went and looked for furniture for Trey's room. We found a bed but damn, people are proud of their stuff. We came home and I ended up hanging his new ceiling fan. Took a shower, washed the car. Then off to sleepy time. Today, will be a bunch of running around and putting Treys room back together. Love you all!


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