Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, ugust 11th, 2009


Good morning! Yesterday, I had soooo much to do that I took a day off from work, but feel like I worked harder than, I would have at work. It started with a drive to Norman at 7:00am. We had a major thunderstorm, and traffic was bad. Trey went with me so I stopped at Starbucks to get him a frozen "Hot" chocolate. On the way home we had to stop at the post office and send some Smith Mountaineering Glasses back to REI. I love them but they are too small for my big head. We came home and I had to take Jordan back to Santa Fe to finish her enrollment, and get her books, and locker. We came home and Jordan had to get ready for work, I took her o work, and headed over to mom's to get Trey's bathing suit..... We then headed over to Legacy Bank to open a new account for the gym, they do ACH debits from our members accounts, and maybe people will pay their dues. After that Trey and I hit Louie's and shared a pizza, then over to Vital Signs. My buddy Justin owns Vital Signs, and he is going to make me a banner for my summit attempt. Trey and I then went to Pelican Bay to swim. We had only been there for a few minutes when he cut his leg open on a sharp piece of the ladder. It would not quit bleeding so they gave us a rain check. I took him to pink swirl to get an ice cream, then home. My brake light keeps coming on, even though I just replaced my brakes, so I pulled off my front wheels and moved some stuff around the light went off.... At 5:00 I headed to the gym because It was a filthy mess. I didn't get finished cleaning until 7:00. We had a huge class, 25 guy's in all, and we had to split into three groups. I went with Hayes, and Griffen, and we worked on single leg picks, and side control. After class I need to roll, so I started calling people out. I had three taps, then I called Travis out. He came out punching, and I threw him in a hip toss, when we hit the mat my right arm was under both of us, and something popped, tore, or pulled. OUCH! I went ahead and kept rolling, but the pain was worse than when I dislocated my shoulder. Come home took a scalding hot shower and some Lortab, went straight to bed. Every time I turned in the middle of the night my freakin arm hurt, so rest was tuff to come by. Anyway.... Time to get ready for work!

Love you all!


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