Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27th, 2009


Thursday.... My buddy Ricardo came by the office this morning... I had his "Pimp" hat and poker chips. Ricardo and Jenni are leaving for Spain on Saturday, and I wanted to get his stuff back to him before they leave. I did take the kids to school this morning and made my stop at Starbucks. Work was fine. My friend Miriam came by the hospital, and we ended up going to lunch. We went to????? That's right Louie's! We had a good talk. The afternoon dragged along very slowly. So slow I mopped the floor in the pharmacy. I headed to the gym right after work. I ran for 20 minutes, rode the bike for 10 minutes, worked bags, jumped rope, and sweated my boy's off! We had some family obligations to take care of so I came home showered, and we took care of that stuff. Anyway... Working on wills, and other family stuff... Going to bed early!

Good Night!


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