Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday & Sunday, August 22nd & 23rd, 2009


Well Saturday was a good day! Started by speaking at Foundation Bariatric Hospital at 9:00am. It was great. It was a small group, prolly only 30 people, which makes it like a Q & A session. After that, I came home changed clothes, and Sherrie and I met Travis Chyzy, at the Chase building. It was freaking awesome. Travis ran all the way up, while I tried to maintain a steady pace, because I was wearing my pack loaded with 55 pounds. Sherrie went to the 17th floor. I made it to the top in 9:15, and round trip in 15:12. That's a minute and a half faster than last time, and last time I did not have my pack. Sherrie and I went to meet with Stephen at Applebee's then out to Micheal's looking for a basket, for the Epilepsy Foundation. We went to the mall to return a shirt that Sherrie had bought. Then back to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the basket. I came home and got my lawn equipment, then headed to mom's. I knocked her lawn out in under an hour. That's edging, weed eating, and mowing. I came home and started edging ours, and Sherrie jumped in and did the mowing. It was awesome. We got it done. This morning, Trey and I worked in the parking lot at Peoples Church. We stayed for the service, and I'm glad it was awesome. We came home, I changed into work clothes and headed o the new gym. It was a nasty, freaking, crap hole. I spent six hours, cleaning! It is still a nasty crap hole. I came home and showered.... Grilled some veggies, chicken, and Sherrie made a big salad. I am not suppose to eat salad, but I did anyway. After dinner, we made our basket and Boomer took me for a walk. We were just going to go around the block, bu he had another agenda. He pulled out of his collar, and ran about mile. I finely got him back on his leash, and we came home. I am really, really tired and ready for bed! I am excited about getting to the gym tomorrow and training. I have a Doctors appointment in the morning. Just have to get shots and stuff for my trip.

Love you all!


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