Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 20th, 2009


Wednesday, was a good day! Work was pretty good... Even though our patient count is good, our IV load is down. At lunch I went by the new gym and checked out the progress. Our new octagon is assembled, and since it had rained cats and dogs, a few of our guys were there working. After work I went straight to the gym. I had the class so the rest of the guys could continue on the new space. We had 11 students last night.... We stretched, ran 4 corners, worked hands, then did a very impressive circuit. I think everyone got their money's worth. Came home showered, ate a bar-b-qued tortilla pizza, then zzzzzzzzzz! Tonight I am meeting Mr. Mike Champlin for a little while. I her there is a preseason football game on? Have a great day!


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