Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, Mid August, 2009


Thursday, was quite busy. Right after work Sherrie, my Mom, and I went to my mom's church and loaded up 8 tables and 64 chairs for my poker tournament. I left the church and went to the gym. We had a good workout, even though my arm was still quite tender. I did what I could. I had a great idea, to make all of the students at the gym unload the tables and chairs for the tournament. It worked out great. I came home and ate a bite, then crashed. Friday was quite busy as well, As soon as I got off work I came home and grilled Sherrie and I turkey burgers, then headed directly to some smokey bar on May to celebrate my Friend Chad Lovett's Birthday. We only stayed until 10:30, then home to crash out. Saturday was a whirlwind. I started by painting the locker room at the gym at 6:00am. I only had 4 hours to give... It was a filthy nasty roach infested hole of UUUUGGGGHHHHH! Anyway... (frustration) Came home and mowed my lawn, took a shower, headed over to mom's for a minute, then down to the old gym to get things set-up for the poker tournament. We came home and took a 45 minute nap before we had to be at my friend Greg's house for his 40th surprise birthday party. That was pretty fun, but we could only stay about an hour. We headed down to the gym and waited for our peep's to show up. Our turnout sucked! We were suppose to have 100 players. We had 16! It means one of two things. People suck, or I suck? Anyway. For the 16 that showed up... We had a blast. At 11:45 we were down to two players, and they decided to split the pot. We loaded everything up and Blake and Ashley Shores followed us to mom's church to put everything away. Then Sherrie and I came home to put the trailer away, and go to bed. I had to take a shower, then I was wide awake. I ended up separating poker chips, and went to sleep at 3:30. I got up and headed back to the gym at 8:00 for more painting, and I have been on the run ever since. We have been, to Wal-Mart #1, Bass Pro, Took a guy who ran out of gas back to his car, Wal-Mart #2, McDonald's for a parfait, Sam's, Super Target, my friend Kayla Gibson's house, then home so Sherrie could make dinner.... Lot's of veggies, and a pork tenderloin. Sherrie and I went for a walk then home. I just went back through my equipment bag, and repacked everything. I wish I could leave right now! It can't be here soon enough!


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