Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011


Up and editing pictures... This is gonna take a while due to the fact that the lighting in the church was bad and I have several shadows to remove from each image. I took Trey to school a little bit early hit Vintage and then off to work. We were having team, when my employee Amber called and she had a flat tire. I jumped up drove to the west side of Moore to change her tire and then back to Midwest City to meet with some family's.... Amber and I had a lunch appointment in Norman so I took off at 11:00. Our meeting went well... We got two referrals out of the meeting so I consider that a success! I made it back to Midwest City just after 1:00 and had nothing but DRAMA! We had a couple of patients that were borderline. They are really sick, and very expensive so I have to justify why we should take these patients. Then I had to caress a doctor that we brought on staff, and he was not real clear on how the system works. Then there was a patient in the ER that we had to make arrangements on through her insurance.... Just really busy! I was suppose to leave at 2:30 so I could make it to Deer Creek at 3:30 for Trey's scholar squad competition. Sherrie was on her way home from clinicals so I came to the house and waited on her. We drove out to Deer Creek and got to watch the last two rounds of the meet. Trey kicked butt, and his team won! We left there and stopped at Cafe 7, for a bite to eat then off to Sams, and Target. We came home and started working on Christmas cards. I do not ever want a duplication of yesterday.... Too Crazy! 48 and pouring rain in Paris today!

Love you all!


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