Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday, December 2nd, 2011


It was a cold, cold morning... I got up and had to get gas, so Trey and I went to fill-up. I went in and got him a fritter... He put it in my glove box, and said "Thanks, but I'm not hungry!" I took him to school, hit Vintage and then took off to pick-up Chad. We were having our company Christmas party and, Chad's wife Shannon was picking up Sherrie so I took Chad to work so we would each only have one car at the party. We got to the office and I remembered that I had promised my girls I would bring them breakfast. We had several meetings and then we went to an early lunch. When we got back there were a few of us that loaded up my truck and went over to the community center to set-up for our Christmas party. We made several trips back and forth to the hospital, and then Veronica and I went to Wal-Mart to get flowers.... I got several calls and had to go work out an admission, then Brandy and I had to run and get table cloths. I got another call at 5:30 and had to go back to the office and work out another admit.... I got back to the party at 6:30. We had a little dinner and then Sherrie and I got busy taking pictures. It was great to see all the kid's having such a good time, but it made it very clear that I am really glad my kid's are in their teens and I will never have to deal with the craziness again! The leadership team had to stay and clean the community center... Thank God Sherrie helped me mop the whole building. We did not get home until 11:00.

Love you all!


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