Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 10th, 2011


Good grief, what a crazy day! I was editing pictures when one of my liaisons emailed me. She had her wisdom teeth pulled Thursday afternoon and was not feeling well so I took Trey to school and headed to work. Diane had 10 patients for me to see, but first I had to get my stuff in order. I got it going and headed into the field to get things going. I broke off at 11:30 and picked up Cindy and Trina and took the to Venezia for lunch. Trina was flying out to California for the next 9 days so I wanted to take them to the Christmas lunch before she left. I took them back to work and headed back out into the field. My afternoon was a blur.... I saw my patients and arranged several transports and then back to the office to organize. I left the office at 5:00 and hit traffic. Sherrie and I were having some friends over for a little Christmas party and she had her friend Sam come over to help cook. I got home changed clothes and headed out to take Boomer to mom's. We didn't want a bunch of kid's chasing him around.... I dropped Trey off at practice and then back to the house. We had a house full. I had friends from work, friends from Sherrie's school, and our best friends.... We had a great time with everyone. When the party ended about midnight, Sherrie and I still had to go back to mom's and get Boomer. He was so happy to see us that he jumped right in the truck. We came home and I cleaned up a bit before calling it a night! It's 41 and partly cloudy in Paris right now.... Looks chilly but BEAUTIFUL!

Love you all!


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