Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday & Sunday, December 10th, and 11th 2011


Well after a late night I got up kinda early and edited pictures before heading to Wal-Mart to pick up some prints. I went by Hobby Lobby and then I was called to admit two patients. It took me a little while but I got it done. Trey's first game of the year was at noon, but his friends were playing at 11:00 so we went to watch them. Trey did so well at his game. He scored two points, had three rebounds, a block and a steal. His reward was Johnnie's. We came home and I had to lay down... I jumped up and did the floors, and then cooked Sherrie and Steph dinner. I made Asian salad with homemade dressing, grilled chicken and then cleaned up the mess. We all loaded up in the truck and drove through Nichols Hills, Chesapeake, and Thornbrooke looking at Christmas lights... Good day!

I got up at 5:00 and started editing pictures. I heard Sherrie in the bathroom and she was very ill... I told her to go back to bed. I got cleaned up and went on to church to work in the parking lot. I went by mom's and got the lawn trailer. My lawn was pretty shabby.... I wrapped an old T-Shirt around the exhaust to try to muffle the sound and when I looked behind me it was on fire.... I laughed my butt off! It took me a couple of hours to do everything I wanted to do with the lawn. I put all of my equipment except the big mower in storage and then took the trailer back to moms. I put the big mower in her garage, and then took the wheels and tires off the trailer. I need to have the tires replaced so I though I would drop them off tomorrow. I came in showered and helped Sherrie for a bit. I made her get up and move around a little.... She wanted to lay back down so we took a little nap, before getting up to edit some more pictures, and then Jordan and Josh showed up. Jordan is staying with us this week. She is working at the Super Cuts training center in Midwest City so she is just going to ride with me. Josh's truck was making a horrible noise so I took the left front tire off and it needed brakes. It took me a couple of hours to get it put together, and then I came in for shower number three and to do some reports for tomorrow. I am beat! 46 and rainy in Paris tonight!

Love you all!


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