Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011


Up and ready for work...  I edited pictures for a while and then worked on the agenda for my morning meeting. I took Trey to school and then hit Vintage. I made my way to Midwest City to continue getting ready for my morning meeting. Chad, and Bobby were out so Paula and I ran Post Flash, and Leadership. I had my marketing meeting and then did two evaluations..... I was suppose to have a luncheon with a big hospitalist group at noon, but they called and had double booked, so we are going Thursday. I took Trina to Arby's and to get a sandwich and back to the office. I got the doctors Christmas presents ordered and then did a couple family tours. I had a Marketing plus Christmas party at McNeillys pub at 4:30. My buddy Riccardo was there and we had a good talk. My girl Patty came in and I took off to get Trey. He had basketball practice at 7:00... I came home did some laundry and mopped the floor.  I finished the first rounds of edits on the wedding pictures. That was the easy part! Now for final edits.  Sherrie just got home from work and we are headed to bed! 48 and pouring rain in Paris right now!

Love you all!


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