Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24th, 2011


I jumped up and started working on Diane's collage. I made about 15 different samples before making one I really liked. I got a call from Work and had to admit a patient so that threw me off my schedule. I wanted to be at Quail Springs at 8:00am to avoid the madness.... I woke Trey up with some Diddy and Kanye "Hello.... Good Morning!"  He got dressed, we hit Vintage Coffee and then to the mall. We got our shop on! We left the mall went to Wal-Mart, and then Crest! When we got home I saw my bike hanging in the garage and even though it was only 38 degrees I decided to make Trey go with me to the lake and ride.... Well I rode and Trey sat in Louie's eating chips and salsa and I rode! ;-) I have not ridden in a couple of months and I could tell. I told Sherrie I was going to do 20 or 30 miles, but I got 2 miles into the ride and was in pain already! My lungs were burning! I was also 40 seconds per minute off my pace. I made it back around and went into Louie's to have a bite with Trey. We came back home and I had to close my eyes for a bit! I tried to lay down but got 20 calls from work. I got up and cleaned up a little, before Sherrie got here. Trey and I also made some cookies... Trey made snickerdoodles and I made Cranberry, Walnut, Oatmeal. Trey's cookies came out wonderful; however, mine came out like crap! I used the wrong kind of butter and my cookies turned into one cookie and then fell apart! When Jordan and Josh got here we loaded up and headed out to Mike and Marylin Isbell's house for their annual Christmas Eve party. We always have such a great time with the Isbell's... Josh is home from LA, and Matt and Lindsey and their girls, Matt's family.... The Tiptons were there.... There was so much food, and it was all soooooo good! We came home and waited for the kids to go to bed before we could finish some Christmas stuff. It was a very busy but great day. I got to spend it with my family, and friends! 48 and cloudy in Paris!

Love you all!


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  1. I am thankful to spend this special time with you and our children! Thanks for a very merry Christmas morning ;)