Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011


It was a short night... I had a wedding to shoot and I hate shooting weddings so I laid in bed thinking about what I needed to get accomplished. I usually have Sherrie's help with big shoots but she had to work...  I got up and made my list and then set out at 10:00 in the pouring rain to meet Lisa the bride at MAC in Penn Square to do the make-up pictures. I got there right at 10:30 and she was very ill, so she was an hour late. I walked around the mall, and then found a place to sit for an hour. Once she got there and we got into the flow everything was great. We went straight from the mall to the church to do the hair pictures and then the ceremony. Everything went really fast and it was very hectic due to the fact that we were a full hour behind schedule. The reception was suppose to be over at 6:30 but the couple were ready to leave at 5:30 so they made their get away, and I headed home. I was excited to get home and watch the bedlam game, but OU never made it to the game so some Jr. High team put on OU's uniforms and played like pee-wee players. I went to bed a 1/2 time. It's 54 and raining in Paris. I forgot to post the weather yesterday... I was focused on getting the wedding stuff done!

Love you all!


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