Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5th, 2011


Holy cow it was cold this morning... I have decided to start running again; However, number one I have turf toe on my left big toe, and number two it was 5 degrees with the wind chill this morning, so number one I stayed in bed 10 extra minutes, and number two I took a long hot shower! I worked on pictures for an hour before taking Trey to school hitting Vintage and then off to work. I got to work and it was a typical Monday. All of my Liaison reports due by 9:00 and all of my reports due by 10:00 in addition to flash, post, lleadership and then a couple of evaluations. Sherrie had an instructor that was not feeling well so she let them out at 11:30 so she went to lunch with me and my girls. We had Chinese.... It was YUMMY! Sherrie came home and I went back to work. I got the doctors Christmas presents ordered and worked on my information for my conference call. My call was great our numbers for last month were off the charts, so they had nothing for me. I left a few minutes before 5:00 so I could return the Santa suit that we rented for the Christmas party. It took me more than an hour to get home. I made Trey a deal that if he would help me straighten the house I would take him to get a bite at Louie's. We got there ate and were home before Monday Night Football started. I made my agenda for my marketing meeting and did my expense reports.... I am beat! I found a live video stream of the Eiffel Tower In the top right it tells you the weather... In the bottom left it tells you the date and time of day. I have found myself watching this live stream of an inanimate object for hours.... I cant wait to get there!

Love you all!


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