Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011


Jordan slept in the bed with Sherrie so I slept or didn't sleep on the couch! I tossed and turned and then the dang alarm clock went off! I got up edited some pictures and then got Trey and Jordan up. We left early so I stopped at Vintage and then took Trey to school. Since I had team, Jordan drove my truck to the training center and then after flash, post-flash and leadership I had Cindy drop me off to get it and we all went to Venizia for Charles Miller's birthday lunch. Back to the office where I had two giant reports due and then an evaluation at Midwest City, and off to get Jordan and on to do another eval in the city. We came home and I had a little house work to do, before finishing the evals and getting ready for tomorrow! Not a very exciting day, but it was busy! 43 and broken clouds in Paris tonight! Like 97 days until we leave!

Love you all!


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