Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday & Tuesday 27th & 28th of April


Monday was fairly uneventful.... Took it pretty slow, I have a broken toe on my left foot, and the run on Sunday may have stressed it a bit. I am learning how to push through the pain, and use it. Sherrie and I started focusing on the dinner following the tournament. We sent several letters to local restaurants. If we can get a little bit from several people, it should be no problem. Tuesday work went by really fast. I had a meeting at 6:30 with Paula Lewis from Oklahoma Therapy Institute. I think it went well... We got a commitment from Dr. Keller at Foundation... Yea! I also found out that Crimson Creek Golf Club was going to donate two greens fees, and carts for the silent auction. This next part may make me cry...... MY GREAT FRIEND KAY MORTON, OWNS JON RIC MEDICAL SPA AND SALON. WITH THE HELP OF MY GOOD FRIEND JOY BROWN WE PICKED UP A DONATION FROM KAY FOR THE SILENT AUCTION. IT BLEW ME AWAY..... KAY DONATED A SPA PACKAGE, AND HCG TREATMENT. BY FAR OUR BIGGEST DONATION. Very humbling! Things are looking great!

God Bless!


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