Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Big Day for "The Quest!" I have been waiting on official approval from my employer (Principle Pharmacy Group) to be gone for the month of October. Well finally yesterday right before lunch, I got a call from human resources, and it's a go! I have to use all of my vacation, and personal days, then after that it will be unpaid. This should leave me with just a few days that are unpaid. I had lunch with "Big Ben" Crocker. Not only is Ben a great friend, he is my stockbroker, and work-out partner. Ben is wise beyond his years! He offered several suggestions for fund raising.... As I have mentioned in past post, I should have a date set for the golf tournament very soon. In addition to the golf tournament, there will be a silent auction that will include some of the coolest stuff ever. Tons of sports memorabilia, spa packages, golf packages, weekend get- aways ect... Had a great work-out at the gym last night. Ran from the gym through the hood, and found the house in Oklahoma City that has the most pitbulls in their yard. They have one that has a head as big as my mastiff. Got back to the gym and did 250 crunches, and 50 pull-ups. When the rest of the guy's showed up, we worked three hit combo's, Thai pads, and then went to the cage to work on submission defense. Had several good rolls with David, Adam, and Mike Hayes. My elbow is still very tender, but I'll get Jason to give me a couple of treatments today, and we will see if it does any better. We had ten letters asking for support go out today! Hope and pray we start seeing some fruit.... Everyone have a great hump day!

God Bless!


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