Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


Good morning all! Tuesday I got up early and continue to edit pictures from the fashion show.... Then off to work. Work was fine, we have been a little slow for the last couple of weeks, so we have been doing a bunch of projects. At lunch went to Lucca (My new favorite store) They have their summer clothes out... English Laundry is where it's at? Really cool retro stuff! I didn't buy anything, but I still love trying stuff on and looking! After work straight to the gym. I ran another 5k, then started working with some new students. We had a great turn-out. A guy came out from Rose State to do a story on us. We had circuit training set up, and we looked very organized. I can't wait to see the story on cable access! After the gym, came home showered...Ate some sweet taters... Started editing pictures! you can see them at, under the Revyze productions tab! Love everyone!

God Bless


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