Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday April 2nd, 2009

Good Morning! Mailed out a couple of letters today. Had the opportunity to share my story with a couple who have been battling weight problems for their whole lives. I hope my story impacted them, in a way that will motivate them to start with the small steps, and then start the process of complete life change. Life is funny.... I will be speaking at the World Ventures hub next Monday evening. I have ask them to help with my airfare, and hotels in Kathmandu. That would take a giant load off of the budget. I have a ton of Ideas running through my mind... I know several people who work at different golf courses, and I am seriously considering putting together a golf tournament to help fund "The Quest"! If anyone would like to help with this PLEASE let me know. I know the trip is six months away, but deposits are fast approaching, and I have to apply for visa's to India, and Nepal. The Visa for India is due to the fact that I will have an overnight layover in New Deli, and you have to have a visa to leave the airport. Don't really want to spend the night in the airport, but I would.... I would like to arrive in Nepal fresh and rested, it would really help with the acclimatization.

Have a great day, Love you all!

God Bless


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