Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday & Sunday, April 11th - 12th, 2009


Well... What a great weekend! Saturday morning, started with a couple of hours at work. It is not very busy at the hospital right now so I volunteered to go in and make sure everything was good. I met Travis and Sara Chyzy at Hafer park to do some pictures. They have a little guy Joe, who is just five or six months old. The Chyzy family were dressed to the nines, and we had a blast doing that, The Chyzy's are a great young couple, who have giant hearts. I borrowed a bunny from my friend Gaymarie and it worked out awesome.Came home and did some crazy house cleaning, and lawn work. I needed to get the front yard cleaned up, and get the pond out front filled up and the fountain going. While I was doing that, the mail came and I went to the box. We have been waiting on a letter from the Vo-Tech school. Jordan applied to the cosmetology program, and we were suppose to hear, on Friday. The letter came Saturday... I ran in the garage and made her come out and open the letter. I felt like she had been accepted to Harvard! I am happy to say she was accepted to the program and she will start in the fall. We went to the evening service at my church. It was at 5:00 and it was awesome. My pastor started a new series called "The Ultimate Fighter!" Great stuff. After church I took the fam out to Louie's for a little celebration. We came home and I started editing pictures. Sunday morning, I worked in the parking lot at church. If you live in Oklahoma you know it was cold, and very wet. After that I went to work for a couple of hours, then home for Easter lunch, we had a big crowd! Mike and Jenni Giroux, Travis, Sara, and Joe Chyzy, Adam and Amanda Pratt, Curtis and Lisa Jones, my Mom, and my family. Sherries grandmother even showed up for dessert. We had more food than Wal*Mart Super center. Everything was great going down.... If you know what I mean! I took about a 30 minute nap, then down to the Cox convention center, where I am doing a photo shoot for Revyze Productions. They are hosting a ginormous, fashion show next Sunday! I hate spending several hours in a room filled with beautiful young ladies! Yuck! Anyway, came home and started editing those pictures, until I couldn't keep my eye's open, then sleepy time. It's going to be a great week! Need ton's of help with the golf tournament! Let me know if you can help!

Love you all!


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