Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 4/3 - 4/5

Hello Everyone! Let me start with Friday... Pretty slow day at work as far a work goes, our patient count is down right now. Friday evening our OKC Thunder hosted the Portland Trailblazers, and I met Mike Champlin and his friend Jamie at Zio's for some pregame activities. The game was brutal.... Sherrie has been sick, so I came home in the middle of the third period. Saturday started early.... I was up by 4:30 so at 5:00 I went outback to clean my storage building. Over the winter, things just get thrown in there and I couldn't find anything. I was wearing my IPOD and had some Usher cranked up, next thing I know Sherrie is standing in the backyard concerned that if I was waking her up with my soulful serenade, just think about what the neighbors thought about it. I loaded up my weed eater, edger, sprayer, spreader, and some weed and feed, and headed over to mom's. I think if I kill her lawn now it will save me a lot of time this summer!!! Edged, weed ate, and sprayed her lawn. Post lawn work activities got a shower, and went to Summit Co. Got hooked-up with a new North Face polo.... Took it to the mall and had, and 805 logo's put on it. Tomorrow I will have Summit and put on it. Took Jordan out driving, then came home and took a Xanax. Tyler Griffen fought at Fire Lake last night so I loaded up a couple of guy's from the gym and we went out to the fight. I met Rampage Jackson.... He autographed a shirt for me it says "Good Luck with the Quest!" Pretty cool. I also made contact with a clothing company, House of Pain. I have several pieces of their gear and love it. I will be mailing them a letter for support tomorrow. Today, Sunday started with me working in the parking lot at church... Funny story.... I got kicked out of one church for almost running over a parking lot volunteer.... Went to the service, then over to Kingpin Choppers to shoot some parts. This evening I am going to the rehearsal for a big fashion show that will be on the 19th. Evan Hopkins productions is hosting this event and I hope to sign them as a gold level sponsor soon! We have 21 subscribers to the blog. If you know anyone who we can sign up let me know. My goal is to have 100 subscribers by the end of the month and 250 by July 1st. Looks like the Golf Tournament is going to happen! Keep me in your prayers. Looks like another crazy week!

Much Love!


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