Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, & Saturday April 17th & 18th


Friday was a great day! Work was fine.... Nothing special. However, at lunch Jodi, Gaymarie and I went to Louie's for lunch. The booth we sat in had Bar-b-Que sauce on the table. I was wearing a white shirt. Long and short of the story. I had to go next door to Lucca and buy a new shirt. I found an awesome Rock & Religion shirt on the clearance rack. Late in the afternoon, Mike Giroux called and we had been given eight tickets to the Belator Fighting Championships. They were at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman. There were eleven fights and it seemed like it went on forever! We left at midnight and they still had two fights to go. Saturday was a busy day. I set up a table at the YMCA's healthy Kids Expo. I had the opportunity to speak to a bunch of people about the quest. At noon I headed down to the flea market to get some shirts made. Amanda noticed last night a word was mis-spelled! Sooooooo, after church I have to head back down to the flea market to see if they can be fixed. Last night I had the guy's and girls from the gym over to watch the UFC fights. We had a couple of our own. My baby toe on my left foot is now dislocated, and I have a carpet burn on my left elbow. Ended up cleaning house until 2:30am. Getting ready to work in the parking lot at church. It is very cold, and windy outside right now. I will write more tonight!

Love you all!


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