Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 8th, 2009


Thursday was a very encouraging, and disturbing day all at the same time. I talked to the Chief Operating Officer of the company I work for.... His name is Shawn Burrows. He is a great guy, and although he has never said anything about religion, you can tell his faith runs deep. I explained "The Quest" to him and my reasons for doing it. He understood, and offered his support, However, there are some opportunities coming up that I may miss out on, if I am half way around the planet. I then had lunch, with my Ambassador of Quan! Clark Mitchell, who is my spiritual advisor, and one of the best friends, a guy could have. Clark was very direct and thinks my trip to Everest may be a year early. Clark explained to me that, I have conquered the mountain of obesity, but there are other mountains in my life that need to be climbed first. WOW! How correct he is in that assessment. My goal for the next four months is to conquer some of those other mountains.... Some are quite easy, some may never get summited. One of the easiest is spending more quality time with my family. We all spend time with the family, but what are we doing during that time? Usually we are all spread out doing our own thing. I am going to commit to next Saturday, taking the family on a day hike. I'm sure, they will have no interest in doing that, and it may sound like, just because I want to go on a day hike does not mean they want to.... I am willing to bet anything, when we get back they will say "That was awesome!" Had a good workout last night. I have been working on my jujitsu lately, and feel like I could really compete soon! Thanks Mike Hayes! Have a great Friday!

Love you all!


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