Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday& Monday the 19th & 20th of April 2009

Sunday morning came really early. Saturday night, I had some of the core guy's from the gym come over to watch the UFC fight and talk about business. What ended up happening was, there turned out to be a little UFC in the living room. "Big Chollo" Tyson... Thought he could show "Big Poppy" up! Didn't happen! I do have a broken toe, and carpet burns on my elbow. The gathering didn't end until 2:30, then I had to clean the kitchen! Sunday morning was cold and rainy... but after a couple of hours of sleep, I was in the parking lot at church, directing traffic and welcoming folks. After church I made a return trip to Ghetto flea market. Amanda noticed Saturday night that a word was spelled wrong on the quest shirts. I had to have my girl fix them. She did a great job and no-one will ever know. Came home and rotated the tires on my car. I had a little Shimmy in the front end. Then down to the Cox Convention Center where I had the privilege of being the lead photographer for "The Oklahoma City 2009 Hair and fashion Explosion!" I took just over 600 pictures. Spent most off last night editing, and fixing pictures. Work was fine today... What can I say it was.... Work! Headed straight to the gym, and ran a 5k. I am running in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, next Sunday, and I have been training very hard. Did a few drills with my buddy Ben, then back home to work on pictures. I am pooped... I will detail the race more tomorrow. Love you all!

God Bless!


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