Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday April 15th & 16th

Holy Cow!

I have been sooooo busy, I decided to pull a double post. Work is good.... I decided yesterday to market all of the marketers that come into our building, by giving them a MatsQuest card, and asking them to look at the site. I also decided to give them an opportunity to market themselves during the golf tournament, as long as they at least sponsor a hole. So far, the response has been off the hook! You never know until you try! I have talked about the audacity of the ask... Well it works! Last night I decided to launch a new website that was dedicated to the golf tournament. it was pretty easy. If anyone out there needs a site built... Hollar at yo boy! If you sponsor a hole or more your logo will be posted on the site, as well as, at the golf course. I decided to delegate some responsibility for the golf tournament. Sherrie, will be in charge of the cook-out during the awards ceremony. Joy Brown will be running the silent auction, and Ricardo doesn't know yet but he will be facilitating the awards banquet. I still need tons of stuff for the silent auction. If you know anyone that wants to donate let me know. I invited a couple I have know for a few years to be part of the advisory board. This guy is wise beyond his years, and is a true marketer. I really think he will add an aspect of BS that we need. Had a lunch meeting today, that well... went outstanding. I am so jacked up! I took the night off from the gym. I needed to do some family time. I feel guilty... I am going to get my running gear out as soon as I finish this post, I plan on doing 3.5 miles in the morning. My first race in 15 years is a week from Sunday. I can't wait! I also got the email address of a local celeb, and sportscaster, I hope he will sign on as a sponsor and maybe even MC the tournament. If you enjoy my post please comment on them.

God is Good!
Love you all!


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