Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13th, 2009


If you are wondering what the heck that means..... It's means, pay homage to all living things! Anyway.... Monday, was, well Monday! Work was OK... Had plenty to do to clean up the weekend. After work went straight to the gym, Travis had been working so we had a big mess to clean up. Got the gym in shape, and got a good two mile run in, before some of the guys started showing up. Had a pretty good workout, we have been working on a lot of stand-up. (Boxing) After the gym came home and started working on my taxes. I know... Why wait? I am excited to say, I am due a nice refund. I am claiming my truck I totaled, as a business loss. Anyway, Chad Duggan from Red Rock Landscape and Design, committed to sponsor a hole, or the beverage cart! Ricardo will follow-up on that when he gets back from his short vacation. We only need 36 golf teams, and 98 more sponsors!

God Bless you all!


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