Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, & Saturday 04/24 & 04/25

Well..... As you can probably tell I have been quite busy! Friday, I had to meet with a potential donor in Norman at 7:00am. Left Edmond at 6:15, and made good time, down and back. Once at work, I kicked it in high gear and got my morning duties done by 11:30. Took off for a meeting with Ben Crocker. He had set up an appointment with Get Fit Nutrition at one. On my way to Get Fit, I stopped at Summit and picked up my boots...... I must say, they are Dang sexy! Our meeting went very well, and we have a commitment from Get Fit Nutrition. Ben and I, grabbed a little lunch at Interurban. While we were setting there he showed me a letter he had written to his community relations department at Scottrade. As soon as he got back to work he emailed the letter. Within five minutes, he had a response. They donated 40 sleeves of balls, and tee's! How cool is that? The afternoon went by really quickly. We were very busy at work. After work, I picked up some t-shirts I had ordered through an add I saw on a Menu at Goldies. They are fantastic. I finished uploading all of the pictures from the fashion show, and thank God, I am through with that project. I got up this morning at 5:00am did an ab workout, then started writing letters. I needed an official letter to Scottrade, Get Fit, and Ben and Kinzy Crocker. Ben has been instrumental over the last several weeks. I will write about Ben in detail later. I headed over to Midwest City and delivered some Senior pictures, to Ruby Hightower, then met with Monica Macintosh to do her son's one year pictures. It was God awful windy. Monica needed to go to the PX on base so I went with her. That was cool. After that I went by her house to look at her flower beds..... She needs some help! Got a message that we had a death in the family. My very good friend Tony is in Hawaii and his precious dog Mira passed. I made a beeline to his house to help his in-laws deal with that. Back to the house to clean up, then over to Mikes to watch the first round of the NFL draft and plan out our Moab trip coming up! I hung there until 5:30 when I had to be at Kay Morton's house to take prom pictures of her son Brad and his date! Left there and came home, grabbed the mower, and knocked out the lawn in twenty minutes. Sherrie had dinner ready, vegetable lasagna. We ran down to 36th and Harvey. It is the starting point for my race tomorrow. I wanted to drive the course one last time. I think it's crazy but I am sooooo amped for this race it's nut's. Today one of my great friends was doing a job at one of the Thunder players house. He took a basketball with him and had it signed by DJ White. DJ was the Thunder's first round draft pick last year. The ball will go in the auction at the golf tournament. Crazy busy day! Tomorrow, I have to be at Klink's house at 5:20am. We will run with purpose, then off to Shawnee to ride a bull. That is if the weather holds out! Love you all!

God Bless!


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