Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Hollar at cho boy!

I know.... It was an amazing day! Met Jason, and April at their house at 5:30. April came down with the flu... She was our 12k runner in the marathon relay. Holy cow! We drove down to the OKC Memorial, where the start was. Jason was running the first leg, and it was a 10k. Jason finished the first leg in about an hour, which for the starting leg is great, figuring it would take 10 to 15 minutes, just to make it across the starting line. I had the second leg, which started out as a 5k.... Sherrie and the kid's were nervous about going to park where I wanted them. So I drove them over there and parked the car, got out and ran back to my starting point. That was an extra 2.5k. When "J" passed the timing device off to me I had my Ipod cranked, listening to some Disturbed, and got into a groove. Let me tell you a couple of side notes. 1.) I am use to running by myself. 2.) The area I run in around my gym is very, very, flat! 3.) I was being passed by little old ladies! (And some young one's) I found a group that was running at my pace and we stuck together. I went out really fast, but my second mile was by far the fastest. I figured sub-eight minutes. Now I will tell you my secret. ;-) It was all downhill, with a kick'n tail wind! I'm talking about 30 to 40 mph winds! Third mile???? What happens when you run down a hill? You have to run back up a hill.... BRUTAL! I made it to my check point at 27 minutes. Pretty darn good for a novice. April's dad was suppose to take the exchange from me, but because of traffic and confusion, he didn't make it to the check point until I had been there for fifteen minutes. I borrowed this ladies cell phone and she called Sherrie for me. getting around the city today was a chore. Every road blocked, and once you were inside the marathon loop it was difficult to get out! We finely matched up and we headed over to Stars and Stripes park, where Jack would finish. He took Aprils leg. This gave me a great opportunity take several hundred pictures, some of which could be in my top 100! When Jack made it to the check point, "J" took the next 5k, he already had a 10k under his belt, but he manned up! We loaded up and headed down to the next check point where Anton would finish the last 10k. Anton lives with April's parents in Perkins, a very nice young man. He was plenty amped up. "J" and I tried to tell him not to go out too fast.... We then headed out to the finish area. Sherrie and the kid's went to the finish line, "J", Jack, and myself, positioned ourselves at 12th and Broadway, and ran the final leg together as a team. 5 yards before the finish line Anton tossed his cookies.... In front of 10,000 spectators, and live TV. Sweet! We crossed the line and took a few pictures, then we headed home. I needed to get, Brad his pictures, Monica her pictures, I had some things to get to Gaymarie, just a bunch of running around. I should tell you that I'm kinda glad no one was there to greet me at the finish line.... I was a little emotional.... It was called "The Run To Remember!" But for me it was a run of purpose. To prove to myself, the "Three Tools" I talk about are not just words, but if you apply them to your life.... All things are possible. I need to thank several people. Jason & April Klinka for allowing me to be part of team Road Runner, My brothers at 805 Fight Club for my physical preparation, my great friend Alexis Mayfield, who came out to cheer me on, and although she was only 30 feet away from my family she never saw them until I ran by! Kayla Gibson, for her words of encouragement, and my Family who stuck with me through this crazy day! It is going to be a busy week! Stay tuned! Love and Hugs!

God Bless!


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