Wednesday, March 11, 2009



I had a crazy day! Started this morning at 4:30am when Boomer decided he needed to go outside. So I got up and started doing research on Kathmandu. I had several errands to run before I made it to Starbucks for my morning delight. I bought a day planner at Wal*Mart, so I can try to keep my thoughts together. Once I got to work I had several emails to answer, one from my guide service in Nepal. I got a shiver down my spine as I began to read it. I am so excited and still have six plus months to go. I had inquired as to heading back from base camp a little faster than the rest of the group, and they told me they could customize a trip down to fourteen days, if I was in the physical condition to handle that. They also gave me a list of references here in the states, so I picked the first name and shot him an email. He responded very quickly, and highly recommended the service I am using. In addition to that he gave me information on what is a must, and what is not worth the time. Great guy...... More shivers. I actually had to do some work today.... After work I picked up Trey and we headed to the gym. Trey worked out for an hour and then I helped teach the women's class. We have a couple of new students, and they kicked-butt! Anyway progress was made with the new contacts.

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