Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday the 12th, of March

I slept in this morning! I didn't get up 5:40 this morning, and due to the sleet... I didn't run. Got a few things accomplished today. I bid on an expedition parka last night on eBay, and didn't win, but was offered a second chance, and before I bought it I thought I would go try one on to make sure of the size. I went to the Summit company here in Edmond, and told the guy's what I was up to, and they cut me a great deal on an AWESOME North Face Expedition jacket. I know the "Quest" is six months away but the purpose of the coat is two fold! One it will keep my booty warm in the rare air of Nepal. Secondly, everyone that sponsors me will have their logo or name on the coat. After work I had a meeting with a great friend of mine Kay Morton. Kay is a P.A. and owns Jon Ric International Spa and Salon at 33rd, and Broadway. Kay is going to be part of my medical team as well as helping to educate me about the disease process's related to morbid obesity. I sent letters to two other medical professionals today, who I would like in that role as well. We will see what happens. I need to work on a letter to send out requesting donations, but I am not much of a beggar. I guess I need to read the book "Never eat alone" My buddy Clark was telling me about it. It has a chapter named... "The audacity of the ask" meaning, sometimes you just have to ask! We had a great workout at the gym! We rolled all night, something I am very comfortable with. We have a young guy Conner, I love working with him, he is a freak of nature for a 15 year old! Ben, Tyler, Tyson, Adam, and Gabe also worked me over. Well tomorrow is my baby boy's 11th birthday. He is having his birthday party at Laser Quest at 5:40. It will be a rush getting there, but it will be over early and no mess to clean up at home.

Good night!


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