Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday 03/30/2009

Well what can you say about Monday's? Pretty blah, blah, blah! Work was pretty slow.... I did some research on backpacks, and boots. John at Summit, has some Asolo boots coming in. from what I have been reading they are the best in the industry. John also carries Osprey backpacks. They are very expensive, but are designed to carry heavy loads comfortably. I read last night, For Everest, the ratio turns out to be seven to one. For K2, which has the reputation of being the hardest and most dangerous of the high peaks, the ratio is a little over three to one. But for Annapurna, it's exactly two to one. For every two climbers who get to the top, one climber dies trying." I think Annapurna is calling me out! By the way... Got an awesome workout last night. Ran a couple of miles and had some one-on-one training with "Big Ben Crocker"! (Even though he let my GM stock take a dive yesterday!)

God Bless


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