Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday, 03/21 - 03/23

Good Morning!

What a crazy weekend. As I wrote on Friday, I was in Waynesboro, Tennessee for my Aunt's funeral. The circumstance I was there for was very sad, but the time I had to spend with my family was precious. My cousins Sonya, and Belinda, are inspirations. We all need to show that much love for a parent. They have dedicated the last two and a half years, of their and their family's lives, to make my Aunt Jeanette comfortable. Saint's! I was able to spend time with my niece from Atlanta, (We even had time to shoot her Senior Pictures!) My cousin Angel and her family from Nashville, and everyone from Waynesboro.... Funny thing, not being around the extended family from a little town like that, I was introduced to hundreds of family members (Basically the whole town is related in one way or another.) Who would tell stories about... "Well last time I saw you, you were knee high to a grasshopper!" The food that was brought to the family was CRAZY! The temptation was difficult, but I did not gain an ounce while I was gone. I did quite a bit of education about "The Quest!" I know I have all of their support. Things I did to prepare for "The Quest!" I ran a ridiculous circuit from My Uncle Gerald's house, (On top of mountain) to the Hospital and back up the mountain. I video taped it and will post it soon. I went swimming with my cousin Dakota, in thirty three degree Hardin creek. That is another story.... There is video of that as well. My cousin Angel wanted to go to "Lover's Lane" We use to spend hours down there swimming, fishing, and camping. We drove outside of town with, Angel's family, my uncle, and myself. We parked and walked down to the edge of the creek, where there is a low water crossing. Angel and I stepped in to the water to take a picture, then we got brave and crossed the low water bridge, and walked over to the swimming hole, about two hundred yards away. Dakota had come over with us, and when I said I'll jump in if you will, he started stripping down. Well you all know I can't be outdone by a twelve year old. Sooooo, down to the undies and off we went. We came out fairly quickly the first and second time, but the third time we swam down stream a couple hundred feet. Funny thing, after getting out my skin felt really tight, and very refreshed. What did this do for "The Quest"? I'm calling it... climate change practice! (Or just Crazy!) Anyway... Home, ready for work, Have to take Boomer to the Vet this morning. I think he has a dislocated foot. Ready to get focused on "The Quest" again.

God Bless!


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