Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, 03/26/2009

Good Winter Morning!

I hope everyone in the greater OKC metropolis is ready for "Blizzard 2009"! If you are not a local here, our weather drives the news.... The local media will pre-empt anything including, National Championship games to tell you that we have storm trackers following a dust devil! I'm not bitter.... Last time I made fun of the weather guy's for instilling fear in us we had a tornado pass in-between my house and Trey's school!!!! Then it crushed my friend Jodi's neighborhood in North Edmond. What did we do for "The Quest" yesterday? We mailed several letters asking for support, invited a very important member to the advisory team, and had a killer workout. When I say killer, I mean KILLER! I think I'm going to die.... Some of you know, I have a kidney bothering me. (Sucker Punch from Tyson Cervantes) Anyway, did some running in Tennessee and it didn't really cause any problems, but last night I pushed pretty hard and ran a little under 4 miles. Then we had a great Jui-jitsu workout. When I got home my kitney<- was acting up, so not much sleep! I needed to push hard yesterday due to the impending white-out we are forecast for the weekend. It is at times like right now when you have to push yourself to the limits. When you think you are so tired you can't go another step, something inside tells you.... You can do this, failure is not an option, suck it up and keep going. When you finish your task set before you, the reward comes. No one is standing there waving a checkered flag, but you know what you have accomplished! That is what "The Quest" is about proving to ourselves that, no matter what the circumstances are you can overcome them with the three tools... Heart, Head, and accountability!

God Bless


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