Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Good Wednesday Morning!

Yesterday was a semi-productive day.... Back to work after five day's off had potential to be bad; However, Our corporate company did not show up, and our patient load is down. This gave me the opportunity to catch up quickly! I was suppose to match up with one of my sponsors last week, John from Summit Company, because I was out of town I ended up going by at lunch, and they hooked me up with a "SWEET" pair of Marmot hiking pants. John also took a lot of time to discuss proper layering and materials I should use, we also looked at boots, and packs. Summit Co. is having a end of season sale right now, and if you are in the greater Oklahoma City area.... You would be crazy not to go by! John showed me a picture of him Summiting Wheeler Peak. Wheeler is the highest peak in New Mexico. I have been to Wheeler several times, when I am in Taos, and Red River, but have never climbed due to the physical exertion it requires. I put it in my head I could drive to Taos this weekend, summit Wheeler, and drive back home in 72 hours. I told the little lady about my plan and she vetoed. Northwest Oklahoma is suppose to get 10 inches of ice and snow on Friday. I will look at the calender and summit Wheeler before the end of April! It is not a technical climb, more of a hike but I need the altitude training. If anyone wants to go.... You know how to get a hold of me!

God Bless!


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