Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13th, 2009

Today is Trey's 11th birthday... We started early again today, 4:22 am. After a little work out, I started writing letters to potential sponsors. I only got three done, but that's a start. Work was OK today, went by really fast I needed to get out on time because Trey's party started at 5:40. I got a couple of emails from my guide in Nepal. There are a couple of alternative routes I am considering. One is to summit Goyko Peak after Everest Base Camp it's only one extra day. Then there is the Everest Traverse, it would extend my trip by five extra days and would cost a little more, but the experience would be well worth it! I will continue to research the three options and make a decision by this time next week. I am going to Sportsman's Warehouse tomorrow to get a camel back. Joy & Caleb Brown gave me a gift card for Christmas and I have not used it yet. I also need a set of Trekking poles. I will see what else I can find. Tomorrow night we are having a Birthday party for Jordan. God Help Us All!


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