Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 03/29/2009

Hello All!

Pretty slow day here in Edmond... Up at 5:00am and worked on pictures for a couple of hours before church. After church Sherrie made me some mashed sweet potatoes and then I took a 30 minute nap. Read several chapters in my "Lonely Planet Trekking Nepal" book. I am trying to learn about the culture, customs, language, and religions. It is pretty darn cool! My buddy Mike came over to watch the OU game with me, and as you prolly know that didn't go well, but as Mike say's after the second round everything else is gravy! My trainer and buddy Mike Giroux ask me to come to the gym at 7:00 to work-out. He is training me to be an instructor for the kid's and women. We both got an awesome work-out! What did I do for "The Quest"? Since the Mike's are both part of the advisory board, I discussed several topics with them in reference to the trip. Looks like a busy week!

God Bless


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