Tuesday, March 17, 2009

03/16/2009 Monday

I will try and stay short and sweet since, I am posting this Tuesday morning! Yesterday was quite eventful, as it was Jordan's actual Birthday! After work I headed home and picked up Trey for his Monday workout. Before the kid's got started, I ran my gym cir cut, which ends up being 2.75 miles. Had a great workout, with the kids. When the girls started, I ended up working with Tyson, he is testing for his membership tonight, and I worked him hard. He landed a sucker punch to the right kidney, and it is giving me fits. Anyway, when I got home I logged onto "Skype" which if you don't know is a telephone system that runs through the Internet. You wear a headset, and can talk to anyone, anywhere for free. I hooked up with my guy in Nepal. His name is Naba. We talked for 25 minutes about different options. He is encouraging me to do the 14 day Everest trip, which is nine up and five back, and try to spend one week in Southern Nepal in the jungle. I really think that I would like that. They have herds of Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers, and other carnivores. He has me so jacked up I can't contain myself. So what got accomplished for the "Quest"? I mailed my first 10 letters seeking financial support, talked to Naba about other options, and started filling out IRS forms seeking a 501 (c) (3) exemption.

God Bless!


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