Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday 03/28/2009


Mi Amigo & Amiga's, As I mentioned yesterday, or the day before.... I was wanting to climb Wheeler Peak this weekend, but due to "Blizzard 2009" that plan was changed. I woke up at 4:30 this morning to let Boomer out and looked outside. There was a very light dusting of snow and my patio was wet. No ice! So about 7:00 I decided to gather all of my new cold weather gear that I have accumulated from Summit Co. downtown Edmond (Subliminal message), and head down to Mt Scott in Southwestern, Oklahoma. Now, Mt Scott will never be confused with Mt Everest at a height of 2464 feet, just twelve times smaller. The climb was made a little more difficult due to the ice and gale force winds. The gates were closed to the mountain so I had the whole thing to myself. I started up the road and just past the boulder field I saw a crease that lead to the western shoulder, it looked like the easiest way up! HA HA... I used every skill I have been taught, watched on TV, and imagined possible to get to the summit. I had areas that were as dry as a hot summer day, and I had areas that were covered with two inches of solid ice. The wind was out of the north, and no joke.... It was gusting above 60mph. When I was not in the wind, I was way, way to hot. When I was in the wind, I don't think anyone could have stayed warm. I made the summit, and took a few pictures, then started down. After a few minutes, I decided that it was way to dangerous to go down the same way I came up. So I made my way back over to the road, and ran down... Three miles straight down. There were several very icy patches, where I had to stop running and ease my way through. The last thing I wanted to do is have an injury that would hamper my training. Funny thing is my butt muscles are cramping, I guess I was all cinched up running downhill that far, and my glut's paid the price. Made it down to the car, then over to Meers for a Hot Chocolate, and piece of chicken. Meers is known for their world famous longhorn burgers. So..... What did I get accomplished for "The Quest"? Serious uphill training, along with testing the new North Face jacket, and Marmot pants, Exchanged emails with one of my advisory board members who is working with a travel company we belong to (World Ventures) about a sponsorship deal including my airfare, and hotels in Kathmandu. Overall... AWESOME DAY! I have been calling it "When your beans are bigger than your Brain!"

God Bless


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