Friday, March 20, 2009

03/19 & 03/20, 2009 Thursday & Friday

Hello All,

I am coming to you live from the parking lot at Micky D's in Waynesboro, TN. After nine hours and twenty seven minutes, we made it safely to my uncles house. After several tears and hugs, we spent a few hours visiting, then to the funeral home for visitation. Today will be spent with family. My niece Alex drove up from Atlanta this morning. She called me at 5:20am to let me know she had crossed into Tennessee. I am taking her out to dinner tonight... We have several options here in Waynesboro, McDonald's, Sonic, or Pizza Hut! (I'm leaning towards Pizza Hut! My cousin owns it!) Any way... As I stated yesterday "Where ever I go Aunt Jeanette goes, because she will always be in my heart!"

God Bless!


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