Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday 03/25/2009

Good Morn!

Wednesday came and went without much fuss. I had a dinner to attend last night at the Oklahoma History Museum. It was a function for Oklahoma City Thunder season ticket holders. There were players, cheerleaders, cheerleaders, the mascot, did I mention cheerleaders? The owner of the team Clay Bennett was suppose to be there, and my goal was to give him a Mat's Quest business card, but I never found him. As usual we got there early, because that's how I roll, and Rumble (The Mascot) was walking around, he autographed the newspaper with him and Trey on the front page, and a program from the game he was introduced. As soon as the doors opened we went to the autograph table, where Desmond Mason, and Robert Swift were suppose to be. Desmond showed up on time.... Robert made a dramatic entry about 30 minutes late, but they allowed us to stand to the side and work back in to meet him. Desmond and I attend the same church, and we talked about that a little. I ask Robert if he remembered the Golden State game where I was court side wearing my Swift shirt with the tattoo sleeve's. He said he did and we had a good laugh. Most of the time, Robert has his finger nails painted black... Jordan ask him why his nails weren't painted and he had a good chuckle about that! We walked around a bit and went upstairs were the team chef had prepared dinner. Smoked salmon, roasted pork loin, grilled veggies, a mountain of cheese, and a giant dessert table. Well to make a long story short.... There weren't any chicken fingers, or pizza, so my family decided we would not eat there and we went to BJ's where my free meal from the Thunder turned into $$$$. Anyway... What did I accomplish for the Quest? I started 10 new letters begging for support, and one new letter for the advisory board. They will go out later today! If you need any cold weather gear, hiking, or just plain cool clothes or shoes, go see John at Summit Co. in downtown Edmond. They are having and end of season closeout on winter stuff!

God Bless


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