Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 15th 2009

The morning was cold and dark... Just kidding! I overslept, for the first time in a long time. I jumped up and hurried around to make it to the 8:45 service at church. I like to go early so I can get other things accomplished. In the middle of the service I got a text from a friend who will remain nameless, and he said he would be in the 10:00 service, so I stayed for the second service. Anyone who knows me, is probably saying two services is a good thing for that guy! After church I came home and started a little lawn work. I bought a new weed eater with a edger attachment and I was dying to try it out. While I was working on the front yard a gentleman came by and offered to take down my dead Bradford pear tree for $150.00. The last estimate I got was around $800.00 so I let him do it! He did a great job and hauled it off. I scalped the yard, threw down some weed and feed, and then hit several spots with round-up. My sister Anna that lives in Atlanta, is in town and she came by for a visit. She looks great! After she left I washed the car and headed to Wal-Mart,for trail-mix supplies. I make my own mix and it is healthy and nutritious. I also picked up a web cam and microphone for the computer. My guy in Nepal says it will be easier to communicate using Skype. The web cam works great but the microphone is crap. I IM'ed Naba a little but he is very busy do to excellent weather, and some of the summit groups are heading out. Not a lot accomplished towards the "Quest" but we will get there.

Have a great Monday!


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