Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012


Wow! That should be all I say, but of course I must elaborate. Up and working at the crack of dawn. I left for work before 6:00am. I had been conned into taking bagels to team meeting. I got to the office and got everything started. I went to team at 7:30, ran to flash, post, leadership, gave five tours, and then MEC at noon. Luckily Nicole had gone and picked up food at Basils. MEC turned into a discussion on how we run our 23 hour observation program, and by the time I got back in the office I was hours behind. I did leave about 5:45 or so.... I came home and cleaned up, before sitting down to do some reports and watch the Thunder Game. I packed some clothes for France at 1/2 time.... Just underwear, and T-Shirts. Trey and I looked for my missing SB 600 Flash for an hour. I finished editing some engagement pictures and started on the Sorority shoot pictures, but they are going to take a while! 46 and cloudy in Paris!

Love you!


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