Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday & Sunday, March 10th & 11th, 2012


What a busy weekend. It all Started with the work party Friday night making me really tired for the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning I found myself getting Trey a hair cut, Wal-Mart, buying Trey a new pair of shoes.... We went to lunch at Earls. I remembered they had great chicken! (It was not so great?) Then we came back to the house.... I fell asleep on the chair for a few minutes, then the phone rang and I had to admit a patient. At 4:00 Trey and I met Sherrie at Ted's.... She has a friend who just found out his remission from cancer failed, and they were having a little get together for him. We visited with the group for a couple of hours before heading home. Trey needed a few more clothes before we leave for France, so big mama and I headed for Metro Shoe Warehouse, and Quail Springs. I bought a new pair of Sanuk's, and we found Trey a couple hoodies. We came home and I fell into bed! Sunday morning I got up early and Trey and I headed to church in the pouring rain. We left church and I brought Trey to the house before heading down Western to Whole Foods. I didn't buy anything but was there for an hour or so. I stopped in Starbucks in Nichols Hills and Desmond Mason was there. I tried calling Trey so I could have D-Mase tell him Happy Birthday, but he wouldn't answer the phone. I came back towards the house and exchanged the shoes I bought, then stopped at the Neighbor Hood Market before coming home for a little nappy! I jumped up at 3:30 and Trey and I ran back to Wal-Mart for dog food and super glue. I came home and went into clean mode before cooking Trey dinner. We had his birthday dinner since we won't all be home at the same time until Friday night at 9:00pm! After dinner Sherrie started packing her stuff, which made me more comfortable... I unpacked my bag and repacked it. I already know I am taking way more than I need, but that's how I roll! We are only 125 hours away from take off! 54 and Sunny in Paris!

Love you all!


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